Review: Doctor Strange.

Before I get into reviewing the Doctor Strange film that came out, I feel I need to ‘footer’ the absence of the  Suicide Squad film by saying the Suicide Squad film was a bit of a critic’s fatigue and decided on omitting it through and through. The film was judged in a very face-first perspective, people reviewed, sorry I mean “reviewed”, the film with 5-star ratings before the film was out to make it shine good on metacritical websites. Simply put Suicide Squad was a mediocre film that I wanted more from. Simply that to be fair to it.

Review time.

Right, spoilers… of some degree.

If I am to be honest, Doctor Strange is one of the few Marvel characters on the top of my list of characters I want to see in a film. With the fact that more ‘magical’ superheroes and bizarre and inventive imagery is something to look forward to in these notions, it has become a real enjoyment that Scott Derrickson (director of Sinister, which I haven’t watched) has decided that Doctor Strange shouldn’t be an bland story of a doctor who gets magic but a beautiful colour-rich and especially special effects-blended story. Yet even if this makes the film visually outstanding, the film makes a somewhat strong attempt to place itself not only as a unique contemporary fantasy but also as the new instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a renowned medic and neurosurgeon, whose talents of knowledge and skill are par with his arrogance and displays of self-importance. When a car accident causes severe nerve damage to his hands make him lose his amazing dexterity in the surgical department, Strange’s depression in losing his life’s work sends him on a path to find a mystic known as the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who shows Strange the truths of magic, humility and the ultimate reality, in a metaphysical take on the showing of the multiverse and the other mystical dimensions that co-exist.

As it is, the film is supported by the Marvel formula, a formula that has been respected for its seemingly unbreakable construction. Needless to say that the Marvel formula has been criticised for have a few ‘decimals’ and ‘symbols’ been out of synch to truly good cinematic viewing but all-in-all Doctor Strange confidently places its unique elements in the right places, and is one of my favourite Marvel films to be released. So before I do into it I will just say that Doctor Strange is, to summarise, a delightful, fun and beautiful… and I mean really beautiful on the eyes film to watch and I have felt that it encourages a desire to see it. Yet, and this is important, a number of parts to the film, be them related to the film itself or as a comic adaptation have something of flaws that I feel can be improved but don’t ruin the film in its overall just in my general expectations.

To start with Doctor Strange’s greatest strength, in my opinion, is the scenery and CGI which mainly responds in the form of psychedelic multiversal layouts. It is some of the most beautiful blends of vision and transition.

Not just is the scenery truly wondrous but also the plot is done well for a character that is not that truly renowned but also a concept that is quite unique and starting to be revealed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; sorcery.

The characters are also all enjoyable, even Kaecillius who is not a fantastic villain, not by the least bit (he slots nicely in the Marvel cinematic formula of have a villain that is easy to remove and forget) does have a few sparks of dialogue with Strange. The promise in the ‘problem of villain’ is the development of Karl Mardo.

I have really struggled with reviewing Doctor Strange because I love talking about it. The problem with reviewing Doctor Strange is that it is so unique and positively fascinating that I don’t wanna monologue about it so much as converse with others. So with all that I will stop on this hurdle calling this a new learning curve for me and start on something with less passion to discuss with the wondering of listening to others and find something that is in the mind for realising. I will probably move to listing how I found the superhero films of this year from worst to best (opinion-wise).

Well, to publishing this since I am like two months late… ONWARD!


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