News: Can I just talk a bit about the Justice League Dark film?

So about a month ago I was to discover some good news, that the next animated movie that DC was creating, after A Killing Joke, was Justice League Dark and that a sneak peak or trailer was a bonus feature on the Killing Joke DVD and BluRay discs. Hoping that this was a true piece of information, I noticed over an hour from seeing the news for the first time myself that other websites were spreading the news that yes, the Justice League Dark were to have an animated film and it is a thumbs up in development. Now I was doing to write an article about this delightful news, however as I have already stated this news is five days old and has cycled around the internet. So I’m going to write about what this all means to me and also explain the positives of this project.

So who are the Justice League Dark?

First let me just summarise a bit about the JLD since they are a new team up in DC’s timeline. Before DC’s New-52, magic-based character were a mix when it came to team rosters, some were in the Justice Society of America (Doctor Fate, the Spectre), some in the Justice League (Zatanna), even the Teen Titans has Raven. Nevertheless, there was an association in the DCU for the supernatural and bizarre called The Shadowpact. The Justice League Dark was made in 2011 during the New-52; differing from The Shadowpact due to the fact that the New-52 caused DC Comics to merge their comic publishing imprints Vertigo Comics and Wildstorm Comics. This let a number of characters who were seldom DC Universe members to be more canonical. The Justice League Dark has had, over the years that the series has been published, over fifteen members including John Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Shade the Changing Man, Black Orchid and Timothy Hunter. A number of these names are from Vertigo titles like Hellblazer and The Books of Magic. The idea of the team was as a way to deal with supernatural threats and as it is revealed to deal which the team members themselves in the risk they might also be threats to the world if not checked.

What this project has to offer.

To be fair, I know I’m not the only person to find the animated shows and movies DC has made a wonderful watching experience with shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, and Young Justice, as well as films like Justice League: Doom, All-Star Superman, The Flashpoint Paradox, and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse as a small number of examples. When the New-52 came out, DC reflected on the Justice League side with they own personal takes of the New-52 Justice League. Although the Justice League is different from before, we are talking about characters who are iconic characters of popular culture. The fact that the New-52 has brought a new team and also that the members are interesting is something that can help with DC’s development. I think that it is a good time to announce the news that a Justice League Dark film is in development.

So why do I think this?

I actually think that the Justice League Dark is one of the most enjoyable title to have come out of the New-52 and given that DC Rebirth has been added as the new series that DC is trying out with great success, it seems that to have on of the most successful series during one of DC’s more unstable times it would seem like a lovely boon to just have an animated movie of that series to show what it was all about and how it was better than other, either as a reminder or as an introduction to the JLD dynamic that fans enjoyed. One of the things I feel is of interest is that an introduction to magical fantasy that is more magic than super is a very helpful idea to help with DC and I feel that some people who are enjoying of the fantasy more than the superhero genre.

Justice League Dark seems to be released next year. The preview is on the Batman: The Killing Joke extras, released next week.


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