Trailer Review: Doctor Strange


So I thought I’d spend some time just writing about the Doctor Strange trailer because it has been the Marvel film I have been anticipating the most this year. Well, I say that; though it was made by Fox Studios, I’ve watched Deadpool, so this film is now the Marvel film I’m truly anticipating.

Needless to say that what will make Doctor Strange interesting is its magic-fantasy elements which are different to other Marvel Cinematic films. I mean we had the ‘Thor’ series and that had a magic-like property. It’s just that it seemed more like Clarkeian magic which is different to true fantasy magic. I guess how the magic in Thor was can be seen as a blurry argument but and this is important, I digress.

Back to Doctor Strange now and not the mad Doctor Strange from Arkham-based DC stories. Doctor Steven Strange is a professional, top-class neurosurgeon and with his success, has been the excused development of an arrogant and proud personality. One nasty car accident later and Strange wakes to discover that his hands have severe nerve damage. This devastates him as he has been stripped of his gifted dexterity which he feels has defined who he is. Desperation triggers a global journey and as medicine seems to hold no method to repair his hands to their previous brilliance he ends up heightening his curiosity to arcane practices. This ultimately, and to Strange unexpectedly, seems to show him to greater truth, that magic is real and that reality isn’t as simple as Strange had made it out to be. This enlightenment is bestowed to Strange due to a powerful sorcerer called the Ancient One (who is to be played by Tilda Swinton).

This is what I want from a teaser. There is a lot of fun mystery in there and the special effects that make the magic real are visual beauty. I’m a big fan of the metaphysical slogan, its simple but brings so much from so little.

Not sure of Doctor Strange portrayer, Benedict Cumberbatch’s American accent since it just sounds like Doctor House but maybe that is what happens when British people try American accents. I would like to think that that means I can do the same if I tried an American accent. Probably not.

Well to paraphrase the Ancient One, “Do you wonder what I see in watching this film in the future? Possibility”.

Doctor Strange will be in cinemas in November.


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